Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software solution that integrates the different functions essential for the running of a business and streamlines them into a single and complete system, so that information is available and accessible to the entire organization and all the parties concerned. It helps reduce cost, increase revenue, improve transparency within the system, do away with redundancy and ensure fewer errors throughout the organization. A business depends on several departments within itself for smooth and seamless operations to continue. At Outsource2india, we help the various segments of your business, such as production, manufacturing, human resource, sales, distribution, research and development, management, IT, finance, accounting and so on, to come together by the most efficient ERP software tools.

ERP Development and Implementation

We design, develop and implement customized ERP solutions throughout your management that permeates into every operational sections. Our comprehensive, all-encompassing ERP platforms will provide your business the benefits of data congruency and cost-effectiveness.

System Upgrades

We help you stay a step forward always than your competitors by keeping your systems upgraded thoroughly. We analyze the current status on a regular basis, execute any necessary enhancements needed and ensure functionality of any new additions.

System Configurations

Target specific configurations are implemented by us depending on your requirements. Artificial intelligence, automation of devices, enhanced user interfaces and many other relevant configurations are necessary to give your business a competitive edge.

Administrative Services

Complete back-end services are provided by us throughout for bug detection and fixing, troubleshoot system problems, ensure security protocols, maintain customer communication, run help desk and overall technical support.

Data Warehouse

The central source of data for your ERP should be easy to access and administer for uploading, extraction or manipulation of data. We ensure that data from a multitude of sources can be aggregated properly and yet maintain their singularity for the sake of understanding.

Seamless Data Migration

We ensure error-free migration of data and at the same time, enforcing newer and better technologies to the data infrastructure.

Customer Relationship Management

Our ERP solution for Customer relationship management (CRM) provides you with a fully customized and reliable approach to customer interaction. Our open source or SAP and Oracle based software monitors all customer interactions for any change and notifies you of the same. It further includes
-Contact and Case Management
-Mobile CRM Solution
-Marketing Management
-Lead Management
-Customer Connect

Production Management

Every production plan needs to be backed up with proper scheduling and planning. From keeping a track of material, labor, deadlines and supplies, etc., you production department needs the right tools in order to ensure all delivery schedules are met on a continuous basis. Our ERP services for production management include s
-Quality Assurance
-Advanced Quality Management
-Lean Production
-Job Management

Financial Management

Our Financial Management solution for global businesses offers streamlined and easily auditable revenue management, while allowing them to see how their business is performing in real-time. Our solution can fully integrate with your organization's core functional areas related to revenue generation and revenue expenditure, and includes -
-Accounts Payable
-Accounts Receivable
-Advanced Allocations
-Asset Management
-Cash Management
-Financial Reporting
-General Ledger

Service Management

Our ERP solutions for Service Management offer you with a tightly integrated, scalable and robust way to balance resource utilization with customer satisfaction for increased profitability. Our custom solution allows you to collaborate better for enhanced customer relationship management while optimizing scheduling and removing conflicts on a per-technician basis. Some of the other features include -
-Inventory Management
-Warehouse Management
-Material Management
-Purchase Management
-Shipping and Receiving
-Supplier Connect

Sales Management

If your sales and distribution departments serve as the lifeline of your business, you need our stable and reliable ERP solution for software management to keep a track of all sales information at your fingertips. From providing real-time information on inventory availability, order status, shipping process and tracking, invoicing, etc., our solution guarantees complete peace of mind for you. Our service includes -
- Point of Sale Management
- Estimate Management
- Order Management
- Commerce Connect
- Shipment Tracking
- Sales Assist

Supply Chain Management

We can build a customizable open source ERP solution for businesses who want to easily manage, monitor and control a variety of verticals such as sales, distribution, purchase, claims and returns, etc. With our help, you can easily manage your supply chain while keeping a track of all inventory, raw materials, supplies etc. Our service includes -
- Inventory Management
- Warehouse Management
- Material Management
- Purchase Management
- Shipping and Receiving
- Supplier Connect

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